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Luxury Outdoor Living

Are you ready to amplify your outdoor living space with vibrant colors, lush foliage, and luxurious concrete craftsmanship? 

Quality is always in season.

Our extensive selection of shrubs, flowers, palms, and even meticulously designed artificial rocks allows you to curate an outdoor environment that not only complements but also enhances the essence of your home. Each choice you make contributes to a symphony of shades, tints, and tones, turning your space into a true work of art.

At D Gonzalez Landscaping, excellence is not just a goal; it’s our standard. We take pride in offering a level of professionalism that extends beyond the ordinary. We believe that landscaping is not just about plants and structures – it’s about crafting an experience, a space that resonates with your lifestyle and sensibilities.

Efficient Communication
From the first phone call till the end of the service, our crew ensures to communicate with the client in a professional and efficient manner. Ideas are listened to carefully for ultimate satisfaction. Our commitment to clear and effective communication ensures that your vision is not only heard but also executed with precision, making the entire process a collaborative and stress-free experience.

Quality Design
At D Gonzalez Landscaping, Quality is always in season. That is why our service providers ensure that each job is initiated and completed with utmost quality, paying attention to every notion and detail that plays a role in your yard. Our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in their craftsmanship, ensuring that your outdoor space is not just beautiful, but built to last. Whether it’s selecting the perfect plants, constructing intricate features, or maintaining your landscape, our commitment to quality shines through in every project we undertake.

D Gonzalez Landscaping has been serving the Miami-Dade and Broward county community for over 20 years. We are trusted by residents, commercial businesses, and corporate offices to deliver creative, innovative crafts. Our long-standing presence in the community is a testament to our reliability and commitment to excellence. When you choose D Gonzalez Landscaping, you’re choosing a partner you can trust to transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece that stands the test of time. Join the countless satisfied clients who have made us their first choice in landscaping for two decades and counting.


Elegance, Innovation, Nature – Our Signature.

What We Offer

Our decorative landscape designs not only add eye-catching bursts of color to your yard but also transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and inviting oasis. Our team of specialists has honed their craft, excelling in the art of creating breathtaking plant and rock combinations that bring life and richness to your garden.


When you choose our services, you’re opting for a luxurious landscape design experience that encompasses a wide range of elements. From the elegant definition of landscape borders to the durability of concrete edgings, the natural beauty of stone hardscapes, the structural elegance of garden walls, the serene charm of rock gardens, the ambiance-enhancing outdoor lighting, to the lush, maintenance-free allure of artificial turf – we offer a comprehensive suite of features to elevate your outdoor living space to unparalleled levels of beauty and functionality. With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, your outdoor environment will not just be enhanced; it will be transformed into a masterpiece of luxury and charm.

Concrete Borders, Curbs, & Edging.

Enhancing your home’s landscape with concrete curbing is a remarkable way to impart a distinctive touch that can completely transform the overall appearance of your property. This enduring form of landscape edging holds the potential to significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home, making it a wise investment for any homeowner. Moreover, concrete curbing offers a plethora of options, allowing you to tap into your creativity and elevate your yard to new heights.

Advantages of Concrete Landscape Edging

So, why should you consider concrete landscape curbing?

If you’ve grown weary of constantly replacing rusted or damaged landscape edging materials, or you’re dissatisfied with the uninspiring aesthetics of cheap plastic or metal alternatives, then concrete landscape curbing presents itself as an excellent solution. Concrete landscape curbing effectively addresses a long-standing challenge. Unlike the difficulty of molding metal to achieve curved shapes, extruded concrete is incredibly flexible and can effortlessly adapt to the curves and contours of your landscape. This adaptability is what sets it apart.

Why choose D Gonzalez Landscaping for Landscape Concrete Borders?

D Gonzalez Landscaping stands as the perfect choice for your landscape concrete border needs in Miami Dade & Broward County. Our team of certified and trained experts possess a wealth of experience in crafting concrete borders that seamlessly integrate with the unique contours and design elements of your landscape. We understand that every property is different, and our ability to mold concrete on-site allows for the creation of custom borders that harmonize effortlessly with your existing landscape features, be it stamping, stone, or specific color schemes in your garden. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that your concrete borders will not only serve as an aesthetic enhancement but also as a robust and enduring barrier against weeds and encroaching grass. 

When you choose D Gonzalez Landscaping, you’re choosing precision, creativity, and a dedication to excellence, making us the ideal partner for transforming your outdoor space with concrete borders that stand the test of time.

Exceptional Outdoor Living

What We Offer

D Gonzalez Landscaping excels in the art of crafting exquisite rock gardens that redefine the beauty of outdoor spaces. Our approach to creating these captivating rock gardens begins with a deep understanding of your vision and the natural elements within your landscape. We meticulously select and arrange a diverse array of rocks and stones, paying keen attention to size, shape, and texture, to construct a garden that not only harmonizes with the surroundings but also adds an element of serenity and allure. 

Our team’s expertise lies in seamlessly blending the rugged elegance of these rocks with carefully chosen plant selections, creating a harmonious balance that transforms your outdoor area into a picturesque oasis. Whether it’s a tranquil Zen garden or a vibrant rock garden bursting with color, D Gonzalez Landscaping is dedicated to turning your vision into a breathtaking reality, where every stone tells a story of artistry and nature’s grace.

Synthetic Grass, Artificial Turf Installation.

D Gonzalez Landscaping takes pride in being the go-to expert for the seamless installation of synthetic grass and artificial turf, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Our dedication to delivering top-notch results means you can trust us to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, maintenance-free haven that offers a plethora of advantages.

Advantages of Artificial Turf, Synthetic Grass

One of the standout benefits of synthetic grass is its ability to create a consistently green and pristine lawn all year round. Unlike natural grass, which can succumb to seasonal fluctuations, droughts, or pests, artificial turf remains evergreen and inviting, providing a lush, verdant backdrop for your property.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Our artificial turf installations are designed with families and pet owners in mind. The soft, cushioned surface offers an ideal play area for children, giving them a safe and comfortable space to run, jump, and explore. Pets, too, appreciate the gentle touch of synthetic grass under their paws, making it a favorite spot for them to roam and relax.

Perhaps one of the most significant perks of artificial turf is its minimal maintenance requirements. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weeding. With synthetic grass, you enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn without the laborious upkeep. It’s not only a time-saver but also an eco-friendly choice that conserves water and reduces the need for harmful chemicals.

Why Choose D Gonzalez Landscaping for Artificial Turf, Synthetic Grass Installation?

In choosing D Gonzalez Landscaping, you’re investing in more than just a beautiful, hassle-free lawn. You’re investing in a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable outdoor space that caters to the needs of your family, pets, and the environment. Our expert team is committed to delivering excellence, ensuring that your artificial turf installation becomes a source of pride and joy for years to come.